Wednesday, May 14, 2014

OIM Connector Uninstallation Steps

1)      Locate to Oracle_IDM1/server/bin
2)      Update the with following details
b.      DBUserName=DEV_OIM
c.       DBType=ORACLE
d.      Location: Place where you want the log files of this process to be.
e.      ConnectorName=ActiveDirectory
f.        Release=

3)  Run ./ from /app/oracle/Oracle_IDM1/server/bin              
a.       Before running the above command set all the below env variables
b.      export DOMAIN_HOME=/app/oracle/user_projects/domains/base_domain
c.       export WL_HOME=/app/oracle/wlserver_10.3
d.      export ORACLE_HOME=/app/oracle/Oracle_IDM1
e.      export OIM_ORACLE_HOME=/app/oracle/Oracle_IDM1
f.        export JAVA_HOME=/app/java6u31
g.       export MW_HOME=/app/oracle
h.      export APP_SERVER=weblogic   

              4) Enter the below inputs
a.       DB Password
b.      OIM Administrator User
c.       OIM Administrator Password
d.      Context Factory

5) Restart the complete Domain