Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How do you find the Oracle Coherence Product version and apply a new Coherence vresion ?

Applicable versions. - Oracle Coherence - Version 3.5.0 to [Release AS10g to 12c]

Steps to find the current coherence version :

Location: MW_HOME/oracle_common/modules/oracle.coherence/coherence.jar

To find the exact Version of Coherence Product and to identify the patch level, you can check the MANIFEST.MF within COHERENCE_HOME/lib/coherence.jar -> META-INF directory. MANIFEST.MF shows the product version and patch level.

Steps to apply a new coherence :

1. Download coherence patch from Note:1405110.1
2. Shutdown all the servers.
3. On the each Server including the admin server, do the following.
a. Unzip the contents of the patch to tmp folder.
b. Backup the jar that exists at the location MW_HOME/oracle_common/modules/oracle.coherence/coherence.jar
c. copy the jar tmp/coherence/lib/coherence.jar to the folder MW_HOME/oracle_common/modules/oracle.coherence
d. Backup the folder $Domain/config and all its nested contents.
4. Start the Admin Server
5. Log into weblogic console
6. Lock configuration
7. Select Deployments and locate the coherence library
8. Select the library and press the Delete button.
9. Release Configuration and apply changes.
10. Lock configuration
11. Select Deployments and press the Install button.
12. Select the coherence jar in the file path. Ensure that the library name is "coherence". Hit the next button till you finish deployments.
13. Save and release the configuration.
14. Stop And Start the Admin Server. Verify the the oam_admin deployment is started.

Steps to recovery on failure to install
1. Stop all servers.
2. Restore the $Domain/config folder.
3. Restore the coherence.jar.
4. Restart

Arihant Baid