Thursday, June 4, 2015

OIM 11G R2 PS3 Lab 7: How to setup Email Notification with gmail in OIM 11g PS3 (

High Level steps

1) Enable UMS Notiifcation
2) Update the Email Dirve Properties
3) Update file
4) Restart OIM and SOA server
5) Test reset password with Auto-Generate the password

1) Enable UMS Notiifcation

* Login to EM Console > User Messaging Service
* Click on usermesagingserver > system Mbean Browser

* Application Defined Mbeans> oracle.iam > oim_server1 > IAMAPPRuntimeMbean
   > UMSEmailNotificationProviderMBean

* Check Enabled =true and WSurl=http://hostname:8001/ucs/messaging/webservice

2) Update the Email Dirve Properties

*   Click on usermessagingdriver-email > Email Driver Properties

* Update Default server address with your gmail ID

* Update outgoingMailserver
* outgoingMailserverPort=465
* outgoingdefaultfromaddress=your gmail ID
* outgoingUsername=your gmail ID
* outgoingpassword > select Use Cleartxt Password
* Password=Your gmail ID password which you used in your default address
* Incmingmailserver= The hostname of the incoming mail server. Required only if receiving emails      is supported on the driver instance.

* Click on Apply and verify the Confirmation

3) Update file

* login to your putty session. go the below location and take the back up of file

   cd /app/oracle/middleware/user_projects/domains/base_domain/bin
   cp setDomainEnv.sh_back

*  Open the file and search for DemoTrust.jks

* Remove the hiligted line form the and save the file

 * Verify the file again after saving

4) Restart OIM and SOA server

5) Test reset password with Auto-Generate the password

* Login to Identity Console > Manage Tab > Users

* Select any user

* Click on modify

* Update your gmail email address and click on Save

* Click on Reset Password

* Select the Auto-generate the password (Randomly generated)
* Reset Passoword

* Login to gmail account and verify the email

* New Email (Reset Password_

*  OIM Temporary password

Thank you.

Arihant Baid


  1. Hi Arihant,

    Thanks for the great article.
    i have few queries in the article:

    Why do we need to remove the DemoTrust.jks component from the file.
    What is the incomingserver hostname ? You mentioned as OS hostname ... why ?


  2. Hi Suren,

    In our configuration we are using mail server security as SSL that why we need to remove DemoTrust.jks. Demotrust works with the non ssl.

    Regarding hostname, The hostname of the incoming mail server. Required only if receiving emails is supported on the driver instance. In our configuration we don't need incoming mail server. If you want to have incoming mail server you can map that mail server.

    Blog updated.

    Thanks for the correction.

  3. Ok. Thanks for the quick reply Arihant.

    At my work place, i have an issue regarding the email notifications. Even after turning off the recon notifications system property, users are receiving the emails.

    System Property : Recon.Send_Notifications= False
    ( users receives emails for user creation)

    Are there any other setttings i need to enable/disable for the user's not to receive email notifications.

    I verified by checking the UMS --> message status page on the enterprise manager.

    Which tables store this UMS notifications ?

    We don't want turn off all notifications.

    Q 2) One more thing is we don't email server IT resource setup. Do we have to setup email server IT resource and email definition, even if we have UMS setup ?


  4. Hi Arihant,

    Could you please help me out on the above queries ?

  5. Hi Suren,

    In OIM two ways we can setup the email notifications.

    1) Email Server (IT resource)
    2) UMS (Email Driver Properties)

    Can you verify both the properties, It looks like of them is configured.

    If it's configured, you can delete the parameters from IT resource or email driver in case if you want to disable all the notifications.

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