Thursday, June 4, 2015

OIM 11G R2 PS3 Lab 7: How to setup Email Notification with gmail in OIM 11g PS3 (

High Level steps

1) Enable UMS Notiifcation
2) Update the Email Dirve Properties
3) Update file
4) Restart OIM and SOA server
5) Test reset password with Auto-Generate the password

1) Enable UMS Notiifcation

* Login to EM Console > User Messaging Service
* Click on usermesagingserver > system Mbean Browser

* Application Defined Mbeans> oracle.iam > oim_server1 > IAMAPPRuntimeMbean
   > UMSEmailNotificationProviderMBean

* Check Enabled =true and WSurl=http://hostname:8001/ucs/messaging/webservice

2) Update the Email Dirve Properties

*   Click on usermessagingdriver-email > Email Driver Properties

* Update Default server address with your gmail ID

* Update outgoingMailserver
* outgoingMailserverPort=465
* outgoingdefaultfromaddress=your gmail ID
* outgoingUsername=your gmail ID
* outgoingpassword > select Use Cleartxt Password
* Password=Your gmail ID password which you used in your default address
* Incmingmailserver= The hostname of the incoming mail server. Required only if receiving emails      is supported on the driver instance.

* Click on Apply and verify the Confirmation

3) Update file

* login to your putty session. go the below location and take the back up of file

   cd /app/oracle/middleware/user_projects/domains/base_domain/bin
   cp setDomainEnv.sh_back

*  Open the file and search for DemoTrust.jks

* Remove the hiligted line form the and save the file

 * Verify the file again after saving

4) Restart OIM and SOA server

5) Test reset password with Auto-Generate the password

* Login to Identity Console > Manage Tab > Users

* Select any user

* Click on modify

* Update your gmail email address and click on Save

* Click on Reset Password

* Select the Auto-generate the password (Randomly generated)
* Reset Passoword

* Login to gmail account and verify the email

* New Email (Reset Password_

*  OIM Temporary password

Thank you.

Arihant Baid