Monday, June 8, 2015

OIM 11G R2 PS3 Lab 8: How to set the Organization for self registration users in OIM 11g PS3 (

New Features in OIM 11g R2 PS2 :

Self Registration Use Case Using Default Rule

* A simple rule created with a single IF condition and without using any operator like AND/OR      

Ex- IF user.Nickname Starts with "Testuser" THEN organization equals "Oracle"

Self Registration Use Case Using Simple Rule

*A complex rule is a rule created with more than one IF condition and uses AND/OR operators to form the rule.

Ex-  IF user.Nickname Starts with "Test" AND user.Display Name Ends with "User" THEN organization equals "Oracle"

Rule Evaluation Order

* When a user self registers, the first rule that is evaluated is the top rule on the list that appears on      the home organization page, followed by the next rule up to the last rule. Evaluation stops as soon as a match is found

Note : when an end user submits a self registration request, and if no other rule is defined or satisfied,            default rule is evaluated. And the home organization is set to Xellerate Users.

How to set the organization for self registration other then Xellerate Users ?

* Login to Identity console > Click on Manage tab > Organization

* Click on Create

*  Give organization name as per you requirement and click on save button

* Login to sysadmin console >> Home Organization Policy >> Select default policy >> Open

* By default organization set to Xellerate Users

*  Update with new organization name which you created above and click on update

* Open Identity console >> Click on New User Registeration

* Update all mandatory fields for self registration and click on register

* After registration it will create a Request number for tracking purpose

* Login to Identity console with xelsysadm user

*  Click on Pending approvals

* Select the request >> actions > Approve

* Click on Manage tab >> Users

* Check the self-registered user and organization ( We changed the organization from Xellerate Users    to Test Org)

* Check the Organization in User profile

Thank you,
Arihant Baid


  1. hi arihant. really helpful post. but i am getting some issue.
    When i am trying to register new user, i am getting an id. when i track using the same, i get that thestatus as request failed. your help would really be appreciated.

    1. i have deleted the existing default home org policy. however by creating a new one similar to it, i ensured that user passes atleast one policy.

  2. Hi Jinal,

    Is your SOA up?

    Thanks. John