Friday, February 6, 2015

How to allow OIM with duplicate email address in OIM 11g PS2

By default oim doest allow duplicate email address for users but as your business requirement if you have to allow duplicate email address perfrom the below steps

1) Login to identity console I have user testuser 2 with his email address.

2) Now when I am updating the same email address as testuser5 it's not allowing me as this email address is already exits

3) Login to sysadmin console ,click on systemc onfiguration  and click on create

4) Add the below Property and click on perform

   Property Name =  Email uniqueness
   Keyword           = OIM.EmailUniqueCheck
   Value                 = FALSE

5)  After clicking perform it should show property has been added message

6) I have updated the same email address for testuser5 as testuser2

Thank you
Arihant Baid

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