Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oracle Linux 5.6 Installation

1) Download the Oracle Linux 5.6 ISO Image from the below URL

2) Open VMware Workstation

3) Click on File and select "New Virtual Machine"

4) Select Typical and click on Next

5) Select Installer disc image, browse the ISO image and click on Next

6) Select the Operating System as Linux and Version as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

7) Give the Machine name and location for VM

8) Allocate the Disk space for the VM and select Store virtual disk as a single file

9)Click on Finish

10) In First Screen Press Enter

11) Click on Skip

12) Click on next

13) Click on next

14) Click on next

15) Click on Yes then next

16) Select Create custom layout form the dropdown and assign below parameters

/=Allocate all available space

17) Click on next

18) Click on next

19) Create the root user password and click on next

20) Click on next

21) Click on Reboot

22) Click on Forward

23) Select Yes check-box and press forward

24) Disabled the firewall and press forward

25) Click on No

26) Disabled the SELinux setting and press forward

27) Click on No

28) Click on forward

29) Click on forward

30) Create the oracle account and password 

31) Click on forward

32) Click on Finish

33) Click on OK

Thank you.
Arihant Baid

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