Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to access design console from local machine?

1) Copy Design console folder from the server.

 2) Paste design console on your local machine  

3) Go to Design console folder and edit xlclient.cmd , If its Linux then

 4) Before making any changes

5) Edit the below parameters
  • "@loc\java\bin\java" - '@loc' points to your JDK installation
  • "-DXL.HomeDir=@loc" - '@loc' will be  $DC_HOME/designconsole
  • "config\@auth_config" - '@auth_config' will be authwl.conf

6) After making the above changes

7) Save the changes

8) Copy the 'MIDDLEWARE_HOME/oracle_common/modules/oracle.jrf_11.1.1/jrf-api.jar’ library and paste into ‘/designconsole/ext’

8) Add  jrf-api.jar path in classpath.bat

9) Go and open designconsole\config\xlconfig.xml file. In that update Application URL and Discovery url.

10) Open cmd,locate to design console folder and  run xlclient.cmd or click on xlclient.cmd

Thank you.
Arihant Baid

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