Thursday, August 7, 2014

How To Allow User Accounts Other than 'xelsysadm' To Login To OIM Design Console in OIM 11g R2 PS2 ?

1) Create one user in OIM


3) Click on "Members"tab in roles
4) Click on "Add Rule"

5) From the Attributes list select "User Login" and click on "Add"

6) In Literal add userlogin whom you want to give assess for design console and click on Add.If you   want to give more then one user then add or condition

7) Click on "Save"

8)Click on "Apply and Evaluate"

9) Check the status "User Membership  rule saved  and evaluated  successfully  for this role"

10) Click on "refresh and check name of the user in members

11) Go to design console folder and run

12) Login with user which we add in literal value

Thank You.
Arihant Baid


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