Sunday, August 3, 2014

OIM 11G R2 PS2 Lab 4:OIM Bulk Load

OIM Bulk Load - High Level Steps

1)  Create Usersbulkload.csv and master.csv
2)  Place both csv files in csv_files folder
3)  Stop the OIM server and set the Environment variables
4)  Run the
5)  Start OIM server and run Bulk Load Post Process Scheduler
6) Verify all the users

Document -

1)  Create Usersbulkload.csv and master.csv  

a) Usersbulkload.csv 

USERROCK1,USER,ROCK1,Xellerate Users,Full-Time Employee,USERROCK1@ORACLE.COM
USERROCK2,USER,ROCK2,Xellerate Users,Full-Time Employee,USERROCK2@ORACLE.COM
USERROCK3,USER,ROCK3,Xellerate Users,Full-Time Employee,USERROCK3@ORACLE.COM
USERROCK4,USER,ROCK4,Xellerate Users,Full-Time Employee,USERROCK4@ORACLE.COM
USERROCK5,USER,ROCK5,Xellerate Users,Full-Time Employee,USERROCK5@ORACLE.COM

  b) master.csv    
  Place the name of  Usersbulkload.csv

  •  Stop the OIM and SOA server
  • Place the userbulkload.csv and master.csv in below loction
  • /app/oracle/middleware/Oracle_IDM1/server/db/oim/oracle/Utilities/oimbulkload/csv_files
  • Set the JAVA path and run
  • For selecting Load User Data type 1
  •  Type the JDCD connection details and OIM schema name
  •  For selecting CSV File type 2 and give
  •  Check the load summary from the below location
  • /app/oracle/middleware/Oracle_IDM1/server/db/oim/oracle/Utilities/oimbulkload/logs_20140803_1858
  •  Start the SOA and OIM server
  • Go to sysadmin console and run the Bulk Load Post Process scheduler

  • Now it time to verify weather user loaded properly or not . For that Login to Identity console and search with the users

Thank You,
Arihant Baid

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