Tuesday, August 12, 2014

OIM 11G R2 PS2 Lab 5: OUD Installation Steps

OIM 11GR2 PS2 OUD Installation steps

1) Download the OUD binaries and extract it
2) Run RunInstaller.sh command
3) Run oud-Setup  command

1) Download the OUD binaries from the below URL.


2) Run RunInstaller.sh command

  • Click on Next 

  • Click on Next

  •  Click on Continue

  • Click on Next 

  • Click on Install 

  • Click on Finish 

  • Run ./oud-setup command from /app/oracle/middleware/Oracle_OUD1  

  • Click on Next 

  • Set the  Host name , LDAP Port  and Password

  • Select  Stand alone server

  •  Give the Base DN ans select only create base entry

  •  Select No sprcific integration

  •  Click on Next 

  •  Click on Finish

  • Click on Close 

Thank you.
Arihant Baid

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