Saturday, May 16, 2015

OIM 11G R2 PS3 Lab 3: Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) 11g PS3 ( Connector Installation, Provisioning and Reconciliation

High Level Steps

1) Install the OUD connector in OIM
2) Configure IT Resource
3) Create Form Designer
4) Create Application Instance
5) Run Catalog Synchronization Job
6) Run LDAP Connector OU Lookup Reconciliation
7) Create a user and Provisioned to OUD


1) Install the OUD connector in OIM

* Copy OID connecter  from (OID/OUD/ODSEE all are in OID connector) Connector folder to ConnectorDefaultDirectory folder

* Login to sysadmin console

*  Click on Manage Connector

*  Click on Install

* Select ODESS/OUD/LDAP3 connector and click on Continue

* Click on Continue

*  Check the Installation Status : Successful and click on Exit

2) Configure IT Resource

* Click on IT Resource

* Search IT Resource Type as LDAP >> DSEE Server >> Edit

* Provide the below IT Resource Parameters

   Configuration Lookup=Lookup.LDAP.OUD.Configuration
   principal=cn=Directory Manager

3) Create Form Designer

* Click on Sandbox

* Click on Create  Sandbox

* Give Sandbox name

* Click on Form Designer

* Click on Create

*  Select Resource as LDAP, Give Form Type name and click on Create

4) Create Application Instance

* Click on Application Instance

* Give Name, Select Resource Object, IT Resource, Select Form and click on Save

 * Select sandbox and click on Publish Sandbox

* Click on Yes

5) Run Catalog Synchronization Job

* Click on Scheduler

* Search for Catalog Synchronization Job and click on Run Now

6) Run LDAP Connector OU Lookup Reconciliation

 Note - Crate some OU's in OUD LDAP before you run OU Lookup Scheduler.

* Search for LDAP Connector OU Lookup Reconciliation job and click on Run Now

* Login to design console and check the Code and Decode value in Lookup.LDAP.Organization lookup. After running the above job it should bring the  organizationalUnit from LDAP.

7) Create a user and Provisioned to OUD

* Login to Identity console and click on Users from Manage Tab

* Click on Create

* Fill the user from details and click on Save

* Click on Request Accounts from Users Account tab

* Select OUD App >> Add Selected to Cart >> Next

* Check the Grant will be effective immediately upon request completion and update

* Select the Container DN from the lookup and click on update

* Click on Submit

* Refresh the User's Account tab and check the account status it should be Provisioned 

* Check the User in OUD LDAP

Arihant Baid

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