Thursday, July 23, 2015

OIM 11G R2 PS3 Lab 12: How to change the login (Sign in) and user interface logo in OIM 11g R2 PS3?

High Level Steps

* Take the backup of oracle.iam.ui.view.war file
* Extract , Please the new logo and pack it
* Create a sandbox and add logo name in expression
* Publish a sandbox , restart Admin and OIM server
* Validate the new logo in login (Sign in)  and user interface 

* Go to /app/oracle/middleware/Oracle_IDM1/server/apps folder and take the backup        of oracle.iam.ui.view.war file

Command : cp oracle.iam.ui.view.war oracle.iam.ui.view.war_backup

* I copied that war file on Desktop

* Extract that war

* After extract it will create a folder

* In that extracted folder there will be image folder

* Copy your new logo in that folder (I have a new logo on Desktop)

* Copy new logo into  image folder and note down  extract name od new logo - Newlogo.png

* After copying image, select all folder and create a Archive

* Archive name should be oracle.iam.ui.view, type should be war then click on Create

* New war file create with new logo

*  Copy new war file

* Paste in /app/oracle/middleware/Oracle_IDM1/server/apps folder

* Click on replace button to update the latest war file

* Login to Identity Console and click on Sandbox

* Click on Create Sandbox

* Give Sandbox name, Select Active sandbox and click on Save and close button

* Make sure sandbox is Active. Click on Customize

* Click on Structure

* Click on Logo and in popup box click on edit

* Logo section panel selected, Click on edit

* In Icon click on down arrow and select Expression Builder

* Default expression

* Replace with new expression

Expression -http://arihant:14000/identity/images/Newlogo.png

Newlogo.png -  This is our new logo name

* Click on Test and check the return message

*  Click on OK

* Click on Apply then OK

* Click on Close

* Select the active sandbox and publish sandbox

* Click on Yes

* In order to make the new logo visible on login (Sign in)  and user interface we need to restart Admin and OIM server (as we make the changes in war file) .

* Restart Admin and OIM Servers


* After Admin and OIM restart access Identity Sign page and validate the new logo

* Login with xelsysadm or any user and check the new logo on user interface

Thank you.

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