Friday, July 24, 2015

OIM 11G R2 PS3 Lab 13: How to setup SOD (Segregation of Duties) Policy violation in OIM 11g R2 PS3?

High Level Steps

* Create SOD Rule
* Create SOD Policy 
* Attach SOD rule to SOD Policy

* Login to Identity Console and lock on Compliance Tab

* Click on Identity Audit and select Rules

* Click on Create Rule

* Click on Add Condition and Create

* Rule Created

* Go back to Compliance tab > Identity Audit > Policy

* Click on Create

* Create the Policy and Click on Add to attached the Rule

* Select the Rule

* Policy Created

* Create a User ( In this lab we need 2 fresh user or existing user)

* Click on Submit

* Login with that user

* Change the password and setup up the challenge questions

* Click on Request Access >> Request for Self

* Requests for Conflicted Entitlements and add to Cart

* Click on Next

* Click on Submit button.

* Since smith selected conflicting entitlement,He got Policy Violation Alert

* Request got create

* Request summary from tracking request page

* Login with Another user who is manger of Smith

*  * Change the password and setup up the challenge questions

* Click on Pending Approvals

* Manager will be notified with Policy Violation  Alert while approving the request.



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